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Bowerbeasts are a rarely seen, seemingly harmless creature. They tower over humans, about twice the size but never attack.

Little is known about the Bowerbeasts (or possibly Bowerbeast, as one has only ever been seen at any one time). They have eyes facing in every direction and flee at the first sign of life.

Along with a head full of eyes, they have eight arms, sometimes more. They like to collect objects, any small object, as long as it is blue. Adventurers have found small caves full of all sorts of blue items.

Citizens of RESPITE have reported small blue items, by the window or in the yard going missing from time to time. It was a great mystery in town until Postie JAK NAM witnessed a Bowerbeast steal blue items from his delivery crates.

RUSTERS are aware of the Bowerbeast, likenesses have been found in certain FERRUMAH worship sites. They seem to revere them. No one knows why.

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