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The town of Respite is the ONLY real human settlement on TAPU (The GUTTERLANDS). It is the first point of call for adventurers arriving to the planet and the only relatively safe place to inhabit... sort of.

The town has a few well known building such as BIG WING TRADES, the KINGS END INN, the POSTIE OFFICE amongst others. It has a communal WELL in the center of town, right next to the towns famous BOUNTY BOARD.

Building supplies are limited in Respite. Many of the buildings are ram shackled structures built out of scrap, ancient machinery found at the RUSTY PEAKS and salvaged space craft of previous visitors who are no longer with us.

The town rests on an inselberg, a raised area of desert with shear drops on all sides. It's one of the reasons why it is a safe place to live (relatively). The other reason is the towns militia lead by MR MAYOR, the town mayor.

Long ago the spot where Respite stands was a sacred RUSTER settlement, the RUSTER king was killed in the exact spot where the town watering hole now sits, THE KINGS END INN. Many RUSTERS would like to reclaim the land.

The inselberg Respite is built upon is riddled with secret tunnels and mysterious underground structures (yet to be explored). A few of the Respite citizens would suggest that instead of adventuring out into the wastes, they should explore downwards... Strange noises can be heard by the town's WELL.

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