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Hemagulls are flying, fleshy creatures, about the size of a turkey. They are covered in sores, cists and tumours and are created by the MEAT MOUNTAIN.

Hemagulls drink blood, any kind. They swoop down on (usually asleep) unsuspecting victims, paralyze them with a neurotoxin. They then proceed to drain the victim, every last drop.

Hemagulls are terrifying when hungry, but once sated, they are too full to fly away effectively, they tend to crawl to safety. Fat and bloated.

When camping in the wilds, many adventurers report of colleagues being drained dry in their sleep.  They then follow the trail of blood a little ways only to find a bloated fleshy lump, crawling away desperately. They make a terrible mess when killed in this state.

like the TUMOURFIENDS, they are drones to the giant MEAT MOUNTAIN. Collecting bio-mass wherever they can, just not very effectively.

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