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Tumorfiends are disgusting monstrosities, they come in all shapes and sizes but are commonly covered in sores, cists and tumours.

Tumorfiends are a blanket term used for the drones of MEAT MOUNTAIN. They are spawned by the giant organism to carry out bio-mass collection and general destruction.

When born, the Tumorfiend is usually a lump of ineffective meat, they gather metal and machinery as a means to create weapons and supporting limbs to help it carry out it's duties.

They can be bred to be any size, any shape. Rumour has it that they have become more and more deformed over hundred's of years, each generation worse off than the last.

They are the enemy of any biological being on GUTTERLANDS. Universally hated, many hunters from RESPITE attempt to kill them on site. There have even been reports of RUSTERS hunting them for food.

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