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Tapu (more commonly know as The Gutterlands) is a world that orbits a small but powerful star called SPECK, far out in a part of the galaxy called THE BLACK, the fringes of inhabited space.

Tapu was once a normal world. It probably had life of some kind, it had seas and jungles, It would have been a decent place to colonize, but for the BIG ONE (a galactic scale war between all known races), a war that was well underway. The war seemed never-ending, technology advanced dramatically and all manner of unimaginable weapons of destruction were being invented daily.

The war raged throughout the galaxy, seemingly never-ending... until it ended. Peace was negotiated. One stipulation of the peace agreement was that all creations of war, weapons, robots, bio weapons, spacecraft... pointy sticks, were to be disposed off in a fantastic display.

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Every civilisation gathered in orbit over Tapu, one by one they disposed of the war machines, jettisoning them down to the surface. A fantastic firework show then preceded, nuclear explosions, bio weapons crashing to the surface, robot titans the size of small mountains, disintegrating in the lower atmosphere. Once the great display was over, the civilisations agreed to never make another weapon again and went on to enjoy their peaceful galaxy. Tapu was changed forever.

The thinking was that to dispose of these unimaginable weapons in space could be devastating to neighbouring planets and travel lanes... best keep it all contained on one backwater planet, held by the planets gravity, quarantined from the rest of civilised space. Also a bacteria was created (rust bug) and deployed on the planet. rapidly oxidising all it touched, the remaining weapons rusted, decayed... but not completely.

That was thousands of years ago... rumours spread of a planet full of ancient tech, ancient treasure. The very few, still adventurous people left in a galaxy of peace flock to Tapu in number. The first town was created, RESPITE. The last adventure... the last bit of fun the galaxy has to offer. The Gutterlands was born. 

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