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Rusters are a race of human-like people that have lived on TAPU longer than any other recorded people. They are considered savage by certain citizens of RESPITE but like any race, they have both good and bad.

No one knows the origin of the Rusters, some theorize that they all originated from a solo human space craft that crashed several thousand years ago. They live in the RUSTY PEAKS and worship a giant godhead named FERRUMAH.

They are limited in education and technology, they mainly wield spears and blades, but do have some more advanced weaponry amongst the tribes. They treat rust with a kind of reverence, they almost worship it. They believe the rustier something is, the more it has been blessed by the great godhead FERRUMAH - The god of rust.

The majority of the Rusters see the citizens of RESPITE as an invading force. This stems back to the KINGS END INN event in which their king was murdered in a bloody battle where RESPITE now sits.

They have a deep respect for nature on TAPU (though most of it is far from natural) and are great hunters. Their skin has a blue hue, this is possibly due to generations of Rusters eating the meat they hunt from TUMOURFIENDS and the MEAT MOUNTAIN itself.

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