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The Rusty Peaks are a mountain range just north of RESPITE. Though we call it a mountain range, it is actually towering piles of rusty machinery, robotics, space craft, stacked so high and wide that it may as well be a mountain range.

The Rusty Peaks are home to the RUSTERS, SCRAP BEASTS and all sorts of JUNKBOTS. The peaks are a dangerous place to traverse, the range walls off RESPITE from the rest of the continent, so if anyone plans to adventure any further north, they have to pass the peaks.

Many RUSTER villages pepper the south facing side of the Peaks, they all face out towards the titanic God head in the sand - FERRUMAH. The Rusty Peaks are sacred to the RUSTERS, travel through them is rarely allowed for non-RUSTERS.

Despite the many warning signs and totems left at the base of The Rusty Peaks by the RUSTERS, many still trespass. Adventurers, treasure hunters, scrappers, usually from RESPITE, will risk it all for some of the ancient tech littered amongst the peaks.

A deafening creaky groan can be heard from the Rusty Peaks, all the way down to RESPITE in the south. Legend has it that THE SCRAP TITAN wanders the piles of junk, a titan almost as tall as the peaks itself.

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