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The Scrap Titan is a gigantic scrap bot approximately 100 foot tall. It roams the RUSTY PEAKS aimlessly, barely noticing any lifeforms or bots that crosses it's path.

The Titan is a mass of giant cables, pipes and scrap. No one is sure who built it, some say it's one of THE PLANT'S creations, some say it's a mass of SPOREBOTS joined together and some think it was just another relic from the 'Big One' - the galactic war that took place thousands of years ago.

The Titan, although rarely seen is often heard all the way south in RESPITE. Most mornings a massive groaning sound can be heard echoing across the wastes.

Legend has it that the Titan is controlled by a sole BEADBOT A.I. chip... a rogue STRIDER was wandering the RUSTY PEAKS when it found a inactive A.I. slot poking out of the side of a scrap mountain, it decided to transfer it's A.I. to it (as it's own body was almost derelict).

The Mountain lit up, the scrap and machinery fell away to reveal a 100 foot tall bot. The BEADBOT'S previous body fell to the ground and the Titan was alive again. Only problem is that a single BEADBOT A.I. hasn't quite the processing power for something so large... so it wanders the hills in a daze to this day.

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