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Beadbot is the name given to a generic assistant bot, they usually appear to be rounded, with long arms like beads thread on wire... hence the name. They come in all shapes and sizes but can usually be identified by a spherical head with two far apart eyes.

No one knows who invented the Beadbot, or even what planet they originated from, all that's known is that they were mass produced and used in almost every profession in some form or another, this is mainly due to their hardiness, their ability to repair themselves and their very subdued AI.

Beadbots are common place in RESPITE, they can be found cleaning the streets, repairing machinery and even as personal servants to the more wealthy of RESPITE citizens.

Beadbots have been known to go rogue... some have travel far in the north to a place called THE PLANT to be reprogrammed, others have taken it upon themselves to travel the wastes as free-bots, otherwise known as STRIDERS. The STRIDERS have been known to attack Humans on site. 

Due to their resilience, Beadbot's are commonly used in BANGARANG tournaments where they will be fitted with armaments and armour and forced to fight other bots for sport... RESPITE'S number one pastime.

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