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The Plant is a mysterious A.I. controlled manufacturing plant, deep underground, north east of the RUSTY PEAKS. Miles of pipes and conduits surround it, leading downwards into a deep shaft.

Much like the MEAT MOUNTAIN. The Plant was once a functioning manufacturing plant. It fabricated all kinds of war machines during the 'BIG ONE' autonomously. An AI was created to oversee the production and it still remains, deep underground, thousands of years later.

No one really knows The Plants agenda. It seems hostile to all lifeforms who come near, sending out waves of RUSTHUSKS, only robots are allowed to approach. It welcomes AI of any kind, sending out 'The Call' to all within it's range.

Many wandering BEADBOTS and SPOREBOTS have answered The Plant's call, travelling miles from all over. Once confronted by The Plant, the bot must make a choice, join The Plant, or be reprogrammed. The Plant will make new robotic bodies for the bots who give themselves over willingly, the unwilling we be repurposed as RUSTHUSKS.

The Plant is considered (along with MEAT MOUNTAIN) one of the biggest threats to humanity on TAPU. RUSTERS and RESPITE citizens alike would love to see it's destruction.

Many a BANGARANG tourney has been disrupted by The Plant's 'call'. Sending all the competing bots in a state of confusion for minutes at a time.

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