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Sporebots are a type of military AI left over from the 'Big One'. Many 'Spores' were dumped on TAPU after the Amnesty.

Sporebots have no real form to begin with, they start as small spherical modules containing a single artificial intelligence chip. When dropped into a warzone (preferably) they will spout small vine like cables that attach to any materials nearby, the materials are then repurpoused as body parts and mechanisims, making a body for the AI.


The Sporebots were a type of infiltration weapon used in battle. They could be dropped anywhere unnoticed. On TAPU there is a wealth of rusty metal and ancient tech, plenty of resources for the Sporebot to thrive. 

The Sporebots are pretty unrecognisable at times, the only common feature amongst this type of bot is the spherical AI housing... the 'spore'. It has been reported that sometimes more than one 'spore' can join together and create massive Sporebot monstrosities. 

The Sporebots have no real agenda... they have no mission. This doesn't make them any less of a threat to RUSTERS or the citizens of RESPITE... the one core programming all Sporebots have is aggression... even the nice ones.

Many Sporebots travel north to THE PLANT. There they receive reprogramming and serve, it seems that the lack of programmed objective (lack of a mission) make them very susceptible to 'the call'.

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