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Rust Husks are mysterious beings, they have been reported to look like masses of wire and metal, twisted into beast-like (and sometimes human-like) shapes. 

Rust Husks are created by THE PLANT (a strange underground factory, that spews out these metallic abominations). Apparently any bot with AI is called to THE PLANT. Some follow the call... others resist.

Many of the Rust Husks have repurposed AI units that used to occupy BEADBOTS and SPOREBOTS. Once converted by THE PLANT, they forever serve it.

Rust Husks are unpredictable, sometimes they ignore people completely, collecting scrap and bot parts, and other times attack ferociously. They use claws and blades over ballistics, and are incredibly hard to destroy.

The twisted wire and metal often resembles something organic. Rumour has it that THE PLANT is attempting to merge the two, organic metal. 

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