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Meat Mountain is essentially that... a mountain of meat. Living meat. Meat Mountain is a gigantic lump of pulsating, oozing organic material, The whole mountain is a living being. The brood mother to all TUMORFIENDS.

The Meat Mountain is situated just north of the RUSTY PEAKS. The mountain and surrounding area is home to all kinds of fleshy monstrosities. Most avoid the region... completely understandable. 

The bravest of adventurers who have survived the Meat Mountain talk of grass made of human-like hair, trees of bone, cist boulders, tumours the size of houses and basically anything else that can grow on a body.

It is believed that once the Mountain was a bio weapon of some kind, perhaps even a bio weapon manufacturing plant. Over thousands of years, it has grown, deformed, bred and mutated into the what we can see today. It births TUMORFIENDS and other meat monstrosities to gather bio-mass. The bio-mass is then returned to the mountain to help it's growth

Bio weapons weren't originally this... deformed. Generation after generation the corrupted bio plant has bred it's children, each generation more degenerated than the last. The fleshy brood, travel far and wide for bio-mass. Humans, animals, plants anything will do... mother is always hungry.

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