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The BEADBOT Striders are a rogue group of BEADBOTS that refuse to serve humans and roam the wastes as free bots.

When a BEADBOT is brought to TAPU, they will usually do one of three things... serve the humans of RESPITE, follow 'the call' to THE PLANT and be reprogrammed or go rogue and join the Striders.

The Striders aren't a violent group, they wont attack for no reason but they will defend their right to be free and sometimes liberate a bot or two. They can often be found riding robotic mounts called BUGS, BUGS used to be cargo bots serving on cargo space craft... usually dumped on TAPU broken, the BEADBOTS will fix them up.

Although the Striders are not keen on the humans, they hate The RUST HUSKS more. The RUST HUSKS represent the worst of the BEADBOTS, a BEADBOT enslaved by THE PLANT, all of it's original AI wiped and replaced with nothing but the desire to kill, destroy and scrap.

The Striders will sometimes work with the human citizens of RESPITE and even RUSTERS... as long as they are treated as equals and with respect. BUSTER DOWELL of the KINGS END INN has such a companion.

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