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The King's End Inn is the most famous inn in the town of RESPITE. It is currently owned by BUSTER DOWELL, being passed down from generation to generation since the formation of the town.

Considered one of the last known places in the galaxy to buy meals consisting of meat, it's quite the tourist attraction. It's also the main place to gather news and rumours of the goings on in THE GUTTERLANDS. It also sells Eden Brew (An alcoholic beverage, rewed from the Eden fruit grown in the local CROP PODS). 

The buildings origin is a well known legend in RESPITE and amongst the RUSTERS at the RUSTY PEAKS. When the first settlers came to TAPU, they were confronted by a RUSTER clan lead by a tribal leader known only as The RUSTER King. Things went south and a long drawn out battle ensued. 

The RUSTERS had the numbers and a ferocious fighting ability but they could not compete with the settlers current technology. They lost many... only a few stood in the end, the RUSTER King and his men. They holed up in the Kings hut (a large yellow sand brick building in the center of town) and arranged peace talks with the settler's leader.

The leader of the Settler's was MR MAYOR'S great great great grandfather. Instead of talking it out he decided to burn the Kings Hut down whilst they were still inside, killing most. This divided the town, Anti-RUSTERS and the Pro-RUSTERS. The Pro-RUSTERS dragged the RUSTER King out of the rubble, barely alive.

They wanted to let him go, but the mayor decided it would be too risky, if he reached the other clans there would be an ongoing war. He blasted the King then and there with his Shoulder-mounted blaster killing him instantly. The rest of the RUSTERS fled to the RUSTY PEAKS which they call home still to this day.

Nowadays, the Pro-RUSTERS and the Anti-RUSTERS are in conflict (though secretly). MR MAYOR still sports the Shoulder mounted blaster and the RUSTERS... they have never forgotten. The Kings End Inn was built in place of the King's hut. Some see it as a monument to the King, others a victory over the RUSTERS.

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