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Crop Pods are just that, Pods that you can grow crops in. The environment on TAPU can be very volatile, sand storms, acid rain, nano-storms (clouds of nano bites that either repair or disassemble everything it touches). The pods shield the crops from such nuisances.

RESPITE has many Crop Pods, they provide food for the growing population. The Pod is autonomous, removing the need for human farmers (although BEADBOTS are used to maintain them).  

THE KINGS END INN sell's an alcoholic beverage called Eden Brew. It's a miracle drink that provides all the nutrients, carbs, protein and amino acids that a human needs to live. It also tastes delightful. The Eden Fruit is grown in the town's Crop Pods.

Eden fruit is so named because of it's miraculous qualities. Many are unaware of it's origin, it's a man made fruit. They were genetically engineered many thousands of years ago in a lab. The amazing fast growing seeds have been spread far and wide throughout the galaxy.

The RUSTERS at The RUSTY PEAKS survive by hunting and gathering (just barely). The owner of the KINGS END INN - BUSTER DOWELL has requested that the Eden fruit seed should be shared amongst the RUSTERS... as an attempt to end the ongoing conflict they have with them.

MR MAYOR, JAK NAM and many others out right refuse this notion, claiming nothing is more dangerous than a well-fed RUSTER.

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