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'Landy' Buster Dowell is the owner of the KINGS END INN and the top hunter tracker residing in the town of RESPITE

Buster Dowell is an intimidating character, he is well respected and feared amongst the town members. If you need a SKULLKER slain, a RUSTHUSK destroyed, Buster is your man.

Many say that Buster learned his hunting and tracking skills from the RUSTERS, this disgusts many of the more bigoted citizens of RESPITE, including the local postie JAK NAM. They don't get on. Buster champions the integration of the local RUSTERS into the populace whilst JAK NAM constantly proposes their destruction.

Buster Dowell is very much the wildlife expert in town too, he studies the local wildlife and records their behaviour, habits and more importantly their temperament (such as SCRAPRUNTS). This information has saved the odd rookie adventurer over the years. 

When Buster successfully hunts a beast he usually brings back the meat to cook up at the KINGS END INN. Meat has been outlawed everywhere in the known universe apart from TAPU, so it's quite the tourist hotspot.

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