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Skullkers are a terrifying predator that stalk the wastes surrounding RESPITE. They are twice the height of a human, and have a face that resembles a human skull.

They hunt anything within reason but are they bane of SOLAVINE farmers. Many a morning, SOLAVINE remains can be found on the farm. But in the farmers mind 'better them than me'.

The human like Skull face is a mysterious evolutionary aspect. Some believe that they originated as biological weapons, used in the BIG ONE only to be dumped on TAPU with the rest of the arms.. They are also known to mimic human speech. Luring unsuspecting adventurers to their death.

Almost chameleonic, they can change the pigmentation of their skin. At night they blend into the darkness, during the day they turn desert yellow.

Hunters from RESPITE hunt Skullkers on a regular basis (usually hired by the farmers). The meat is strange tasting, but can be eaten. It's usually in some recipe or another at the KINGS END INN most days.

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