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Solavines are giant docile 'cattle' type creatures, usually domesticated by the citizens of RESPITE and even in some cases the RUSTERS.

Solavines (females) look a little different to the SOLAVINE MALES. Bolavines are scaley nightmarish looking things, they don't really have a head (some say even a brain) instead they have a large orifice  that opens to reveal many tentacle-like feelers.

They are farmed for meat, but mainly for their solar catching orbs all along their back. These orbs capture and store masses of energy that can be harvested and used in many applications.

Vehicles such as the ROLLING ROCCA uses the orbs to power it's engines, even SCARECROWS for their Exo-skeleton suits. The whole of RESPITE in fact is powered by them, making the Solavine an incredible necessary resource.

It has been reported that once in a while a human can be accidently ingested by a Solavine, the odd (usually tipsy) person can stumble too close to the Solavine's feelers and be pulled in... the Solavine usually doesn't notice.

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