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The Male Solavine is a docile, cattle-like creature about twice the height of a human, but half the size of it's female counterpart.

Much like the female SOLAVINE it collects and stores solar energy via the orbs along it's back. Unlike the female they aren't farmed as much but kept as a means to breed (much like a bull) by the farmers of RESPITE.

The Male Solavine doesn't appear to have a head, unlike the many tentacled female SOLAVINE it has a small opening, it feeds using this orifice by spewing up its internal organs in a sticky mess, the organs stick to any food nearby and drags in inside. 

When it's breeding season, the Male Solavine is released amongst the female SOLAVINE pack. It will try to breed, despite the danger of being trampled by it's counterpart (or eaten by accident).

Much like the female SOLAVINE, if anything stumbles a little too close, they risk the chance of accidently being consumed, unlike the female SOLAVINE, it's a much stickier and slow end.

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