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The Rolling Rocca is a gigantic tank owned by MR MAYOR and is used in the defense of RESPITE. The tank is mammoth, almost 40 ft tall, it's basically a armoured tower fortification on tracks.

The Rolling Rocca has been passed down from generation to generation, ending up with the mayor of RESPITE, MR MAYOR. In the past it was used in many tank battles against the RUSTERS and TUMORFIENDS, but nowadays it mainly transports tourists around the wastes with MR MAYOR as tour guide.

It was originally constructed using parts from downed space craft in the founding days of RESPITE, mainly parts from The Stickleback - MR MAYORS great grandfather's ship that was shot down by a RUSTER bolt many years ago. 

Some speculate that the main cannon's ammo was depleted decades ago, without the resources and skill to create more it's pretty much useless... But the RUSTERS don't know that, the shear noise of the Rolling Rocca is enough to keep almost any RUSTER away. 

The Rolling Rocca is the bane of RUSTERS. With it's high tower, multiple firearms, it can fire in all directions (and over large boulders) from horizon to horizon. The large cannon on the front has destroyed many RUSTER homes in the past and is one of the main reasons for the RUSTERS retreat into the RUSTY PEAKS

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