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Mr Mayor is just that, the Mayor of RESPITE... his surname is also Mayor. Either way, he was destined to wear epaulettes and run something or other.

Being a descendant of the founding father of RESPITE, Mr Mayor inherited three things. The mayordom of RESPITE, the behemoth tank ROLLING ROCCA and the shoulder mounted 'zapper' - an automated shoulder mounted laser rifle with monocle targeting system.

Mr Mayor is more of a figurehead in RESPITE. Any political changes go through him in some form or another. Some say that it's time for a more 'present' town leader, a vote could be held but everyone's too busy fighting and treasure hunting. Who want's to be stuck in town?

Most of Mr Mayors time is spent showing new citizens around town, providing tours on his ROLLING ROCCA around the blasted wastes and staying neutral when it comes to anti-RUSTER protests.

Mr Mayor's father, his father's father and so on were famous heroes in RESPITE. They performed many heroic deeds and are well respected... 'One day' Mr Mayor tells himself... 'one day'. 

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