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'Postie' Jak Nam is the sole postman in RESPITE. He owns the POSTIE OFFICE and manages all interstellar communications in town.

Managing all communication, on and off the planet of TAPU grants Jak a little too much power. Many have pointed this out in the past but they have yet figured out a way to supplant him (mainly because no one else knows how to operate the POSTIE OFFICE array).

Jak has had a grizzled past in GUTTERLANDS, many years ago he was captured by RUSTERS, tied down and forced to watch as they cut off both legs and his left arm. They then proceeded to eat them before his very eyes. This obviously left a bit of a stigma with Jak.

Many years later, Jak has both legs and his arm replaced with robotic limbs and now runs the anti-RUSTER league. The group is a dirty secret that everyone in RESPITE obviously knows about.

Jak has had many run-ins with BUSTER DOWELL of the KINGS END INN. Jak says openly, that he has no time for RUSTER lovers in RESPITE, especially BUSTER DOWELL.

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