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The Post Office, often referred to as the 'Postie Office' is the operational communication post for the town of RESPITE. It's the only way to communicate off-world. It also handles all of the town's correspondence. 

The Postie Office is run by Postie JAK NAM. He the only one in town with the technical ability to operate the signal array... according to him. JAK NAM isn't well liked in town, he has been known to distribute (or withhold) correspondence to suit his own desires. 

The antenna array (which doubles as a wind-turbine) has been fixed to an original 'yellow brick' building. The ruin has been repurposed much like the other buildings in RESPITE. Like the BIG WING TRADE building, old spacecraft scrap has been used in it's construction.


It doesn't happen often, but when someone wants to communicate off-planet, you must do so at the POSTIE OFFICE, JAK NAM would take the message and relay via the Q.E.B. (Quantum Entanglement Board). Messages via radio waves, even at the speed of light would take about 40 years to reach the next system... Q.E.B. is instantaneous. 

Q.E.B. is the premium service (very expensive), a regular RESPITE citizen with a low income can use the old way... radio waves. It may take 40 plus years to send, then another 40 plus years for a response but that's the best you're gonna get on a budget.

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