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Scraprunts are an opportunistic predator type species that hide amongst piles of rusty junk, mainly located at the RUSTY PEAKS. 

They will surprise attack anyone or anything that approaches it's current scrap pile dwelling. They are the bane of junkers all over, they are even feared by the RUSTERS.

Once the Scraprunt has consumed enough, it grows... and grows. They eventually grow so large they can carry their junk dwelling with them as they stalk prey and become SCRAPBEASTS

The RUSTERS are known to hold their ear to junk piles when in the RUSTY PEAKS. after a moment the RUSTER will either loot the pile or leave it be. 

Citizens of RESPITE considered this just one of the many strange RUSTER rituals. But BUSTER DOWELL (after spending time with the local RUSTER clans) reports that they are in-fact listening... listening for that 'click click'.

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