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Scrapbeasts are gigantic, about the size of a small house. They live amongst the RUSTY PEAKS and are the adult version of a fully grown SCRAPRUNT

They live amongst rusty junk piles, waiting for unsuspecting prey. They are extremely territorial, they protect their junk pile (which is usually carried on it's back) ferociously. 

They seem to keep growing... if a hunter from RESPITE, or a RUSTER doesn't destroy the beast in good time they can grow as big as a small mountain... maybe even bigger.

In the historical records of RESPITEin the war of the KINGS END, RUSTERS were witnessed riding giant Scrapbeasts as mounts. They even built watchtowers and siege machines upon their backs.

Many treasure hunters head to the RUSTY PEAKS in search of ancient tech. Many find only death, never quite sure if that pile of ancient junk is just that... or the roaming home of a giant Scrapbeast.

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