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Ferrumah is a gigantic rusty head, it is half buried in the Blasted Flats and is a relic from the BIG ONE (The galactic war, thousands of years ago). It is so large that it can be seen from both the town of RESPITE and THE RUSTY PEAKS. It has a peculiar cone shaped head and three hollowed eye sockets.

Ferrumah's Head is a name bestowed upon the titan by the RUSTERS. They believe the head to be the physical remains of their Rust God Ferrumah. The site is holy, anyone 'not of the faith' would be attacked and killed in it's proximity. 

Obviously the more rational of RESPITE citizens realise that it's the head of a destroyed titan, a gigantic walking death machine the size of a mountain. It was dropped onto TAPU from orbit during the 'Amnesty'. There have been reports of many other Titan relics scattered over the surface of GUTTERLANDS.

Ferrumah is the god of rust. Everything rusts on TAPU (due to Rust Bug), the RUSTERS see it as Ferrumah taking back what belongs to him. RUSTERS worship Ferrumah by praying towards the head and by wielding rusty weapons and armour... the rustier it is, the closer to god it is..

One of the reasons the RUSTERS refused to leave the town now known as RESPITE was it's location. Ferrumah's Head can be clearly seen from anywhere in town. RUSTERS would pray towards it at sunset daily. It's probably the reason they resorted to living in the RUSTY PEAKS.

It has been reported that there are other clans on the surface of TAPU that worship different titan heads... all with different values, cultures and eccentricities.  

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