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Molars are a type of creature that resemble a mole mixed with a warthog. They are about 10 foot tall on all fours.

They aren't particularly aggressive toward people unless cornered, but they are a common pest, causing all sorts of destruction to human habitats and structures. 

They love to burrow... not only that, they love to burrow underneath things. There have been many reports of structures disappearing completely in RESPITE, collapsing into sink holes and then covered over.

A few citizens have reported leaving their RESPITE home for an adventure, coming back a few days later and their home being completely gone, just a fresh pile of dirt and sand in it's place.


The disappearing structures were once considered just one of the many mysteries of GUTTERLANDS, that was until the event was witnessed live by a crowd of people during a BOT BANGARANG tourney. A huge sink hole appeared underneath one of the robot contestants, causing the bot to be incapacitated at the bottom of a deep pit.

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