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The 'Wandering Hermit' is a the mysterious person/creature that lives in the mobile observatory. The large tower wanders around GUTTERLANDS on the back of a giant crab like creature.

I say person/creature because no one has ever seen the Hermit (the operator). Anyone living who approaches the tower is immediately eaten by the crab-like beast carrying it, but BEADBOTS and the like can approach it unharmed.

The Hermit has been seen far and wide across TAPU. Many adventurers report seeing the Wandering Hermit in the most unlikely of places. It seems as if the Hermit travels from place to place gathering all the information it can.

Some theorize that the Hermit is actually an A.I. of some kind, an information gathering machine, due to it's peaceful encounters with BEADBOTS but this could simply be due to the crab-like steed just being hungry for flesh and eating anything fleshy that comes by.

Either way, a wealth of knowledge is contained in the Hermit's tower. Many would risk life and limb to get their hands on it. Information on GUTTERLANDS is a valuable thing, it can mean the difference between an ancient piece of scrap being a revolutionary device... or just an elaborate paper weight.

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