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Marrow Suckers are a common GUTTERLANDS pest, they are small flying insects with a ridiculously long

proboscis. They fly through the air at supersonic speeds straight into people or animals, bone deep, drinking up the marrow.

They are an invasive species, rumour has it that they were used as toxin injecting bio-weapons during the BIG ONE.

Flying at such speed, it's victim doesn't even see them coming. It is reported to sound like a bullet whizzing through the air.

Marrow Suckers love to prey on SOLAVINES. Big fat (dumb) sacks of blood and marrow. Luckily the SOLAVINES hardly notice.

A few shady characters in RESPITE have tried to utilise Marrow Suckers as their intended purpose. There have been several reports of Marrow Sucker attacks, where the victim has been poisoned fatally. 

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