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The Rattler is a terrifying beast that resembles a large tongue of diseased meat. It has many pale green eyes and one large mouth that is often mistaken for a rib cage.

The Rattler is a child of MEAT MOUNTAIN. Like it's siblings (TUMORFIENDS, HEMAGULLS) it's sole desire in life is to gather biological material for its mother.

The Rattler wasn't born blessed with many abilities. It had no limbs of any description and could only move by slithering about like an oversized slug (slowly) The MEAT MOUNTAIN was prepared to repurpose The Rattler's flesh for new birth of new meaty children but before that could take place, The Rattler disappeared.

The Rattler had developed the skill of burrowing, just enough to lay under the surface. It would wait months for prey to stumble near enough for The Rattler to pounce, it's mouth would open like a ribcage and it would slam it's whole body down onto the prey, mouth open, trapping the prey within. 

The Rattler takes the prey all the way back to MEAT MOUNTAIN, to Mother. It can often take months/years for it to return home, but it's desire for acceptance is astonishing.

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