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Tinker Tess owns and runs BIG WING TRADES in the town of RESPITE. She sells anything and everything and is considered the local expert on ancient tech. 

Tess is a disputed character in RESPITE, some claim that she is a mad genius whilst others claim that she's just mad. She can often be found wandering the streets of RESPITE, or eating a meal in KINGS END INN muttering complete gibberish to herself.

Rumour has it that she wasn't always like this, she used to be sane (well, as sane as you can be on GUTTERLANDS). People say that the insanity came from tinkering with too much ancient tech, technology far beyond anyone in RESPITE

Despite her flaws, Tess is a good sales person and a great asset to the town of RESPITE. Her knowledge of ancient tech has saved many clueless treasure hunters from disintegrating themselves using tech they found out in the world.

When the town is under attack, Tess can usually be found standing on the wing of her BIG WING TRADE store, wielding unimaginable weapons... she obviously keeps the best for herself.

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