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Big Wing Trades is the premiere trading post in the town of RESPITE. Run by the eccentric TINKER TESS, if you want to find some ancient (often deadly) TAPU tech... Big Wing will have it.

If you venture out into the wastes of GUTTERLANDS you will likely come across some ancient tech, you wont know what it is or what it can do (if anything) but if you bring it to TINKER TESS at Big Wing Trades, she'll probably tell you what it is. Most of the time.

Galactic currency is pretty useless on TAPU, trade has resorted to the old fashioned 'I'll give you this for that'. Not knowing what the actual object is to begin with is problematic, the only person who can judge it's value is TESS. Thank god she's honest... insane but honest.

Big Wing Trades get's it's name from the giant space craft wing it uses for a roof. Like most of the buildings in RESPITE, derelict spacecraft parts were used in it's construction. The spacecraft are usually left behind by clueless adventurers, heading out on their first expedition into the wastes and never coming back.

Big Wing Trades is essentially a treasure vault of ancient relics and goodies. Many have tried to ransack the place and failed... TESS keeps the best for herself.

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