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The RESPITE Bounty Board is just that, a bounty board. It is situated in the center of RESPITE, right next to the KINGS END INN.

Many come to THE GUTTERLANDS for adventure, if you don't get recruited in the local pub, THE KINGS END INN then you should go check out the bounty board. The local Postie (usually JAK NAM) will post up bounties here, manhunts, monstrosity exterminations and sometimes far off expeditions.

The board is decorated in beast (and a few human) skulls and body parts, trophies of previous jobs gone well. The posts change daily but one always remains, a group called the GASMEN have a never ending campaign to recruit more members. 

Most stay well clear of the GASMEN, they specialize in underground exploration and salvage. Beneath the town of RESPITE, a series of tunnels span for miles, strange catacombs have been found containing untold mysterious tech... and terrible creatures. Many never return from a GASMAN expedition.

Because of this they continuously keep a post up on the Bounty Board looking for fresh blood. They usually rope the newcomers if they get to them in time. Many RESPITE citizens would warn newbies against it... if they had a chance.

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