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The Brothers Blue is the name given to a unique BEADBOT tank that has been spotted roaming the wastes outside of RESPITE.

The Brothers Blue was originally one BEADBOT, it went rogue and built a tank like body to explore the wastes with, it found that it's AI chip wasn't coordinated enough to control both the tracks and the turret... So it copied it's A.I. and made a cojoined twin to share the load.

The twins are completely inseparable now (literally) merged together in tank form. At first they were exactly the same and were symbiotic but over the years differences have emerged and the twins can't stand each other... the turret will want to go one way, the tracks another.

The Brothers Blue are part of a rogue BEADBOT gang called the STRIDERS. They aren't particularly aggressive to humans but they refuse to be 'slaves' and will do anything to keep that from happening again.

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