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The Verdechug is a medium sized tank used in the defence of RESPITE and the surrounding wastes. It has one canon and is a bright green colour... hence the name.

Verdechug is a support vehicle for the ROLLING ROCCA. They often patrol the wastes together, keeping away TUMORFIENDS and RUSTERS from the RESPITE borders. 

The Verdechug was created using salvaged aircraft parts. The turret was originally a wing mounted turret belonging to a downed aircraft called The Swift, the wings broke off and landed on two sides of a giant rock in the wastes... the citizens of RESPITE claimed one, and the RUSTERS the other.

The aircraft turret was fixed onto the vehicle and Verdechug was born. Little did the RESPITE citizens know that the turret from the other wing was also being used to create a tank for the RUSTERS... The FERRUCLAD.

The Verdechug and the FERRUCLAD have had many battles against each other in the wastes, for years they would join in skirmish but always returned unharmed... what neither side was aware of was that the turrets had a in-built safety, if the turrets were aiming at each other they would not fire. This caused both tanks to continuously miss... They still attempt to destroy each other to this day.

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