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The Scrap Knight is one of the RUSTER tribal leaders. He carries a long halberd and wears a full suit of rusty armour. 

The Scrap Knight is said to be a direct descendant of the RUSTER king that was murdered at KINGS END INN. RUSTERS wait for his call to swarm the RESPITE invaders but the Knight, surprisingly, is very diplomatic and seeks another way. 

Whenever any communication is needed between the RUSTERS and the citizens of RESPITE, The Scrap Knight will be the mouthpiece. He usually communes with BUSTER DOWELL if diplomacy is needed or a common enemy needs taking out.

The Scrap Knight could be seen as a soft 'talker' by the other RUSTERS. Many challenge his leadership. Duels to the death are usually had and the Scrap Knight is yet to be defeated.

BUSTER DOWELL claims that the only thing between RESPITE and the orange tide is the Scrap Knight. Obviously people find this confusing, but it comes down to the simple fact that the citizens of REPSITE are but a minor pest to the RUSTERS when compared to the monstrosities that roam GUTTERLANDS.

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