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The RESPITE Well is the main source of water for the residents of RESPITE. Situated in the center of town just outside THE KINGS END INN, several drunks have fallen in, never to be found.

The water is pumped autonomously, filtered and drinkable from the tap. Water is a rare resource out in the wastes where RESPITE is situated. The actual Well is made from a derelict spacecraft nose cone and ancient sand stone bricks (the original Well, before the settlers came).

Many reports have been made of strange noises in proximity of the Well. Some think that a creature of some kind lives down there, expeditions down the Well have been prohibited by MR MAYOR... it's unknown why.

Newcomers report having strange dreams when first arriving to RESPITE, they dream of loved ones fading away. Eventually they cannot recall the loved one's face and forget them completely. TINKER TESS has claimed that a creature infects the water source with hallucinogenic chemicals, causing these dreams, feeding on them telepathically. 

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