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A Tumortank is a creature spawned from MEAT MOUNTAIN. It resembles a large tank-like vehicle that slithers and crawls across the wastes, looking for organic material.

 Tumortanks are made of completely organic material, covered in flesh and boils, with large finger like growths that pull the mass across the ground. The turret works much like a neck, the canon fires high velocity darts (much like a Cone Snail).

Tumortanks like the TUMORFIENDS are bred at MEAT MOUNTAIN, with the sole objective of gathering biological material to feed the 'mother' (MEAT MOUNTAIN). 

Citizens of RESPITE and the RUSTERS are under constant threat from the Tumortanks and TUMORFIENDS, They will attack on sight. There have been many tank battles in the Wastes surrounding RESPITE between the Tumortanks, ROLLING ROCCA, VERDECHUG and FERRUCLAD.

The Tumortanks are a constant threat in THE GUTTERLANDS, it may seem like you have destroyed one, only to find it back a few weeks later covered in scar tissue. They regenerate rapidly using any available organic material... some RESPITE citizens have repurposed this organic technology to use n the BANGARANG tournaments, making  bots called 'Meaty Ones'.

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